Share Your Location instantly without any hassle for only 15min with anyone

  • Guide your friends to your place or any gathering points Live or from your saved locations.
  • Businesses can also share their locations with you to make it easier for you to reach them.
  • Delivery companies can now easily ask for your MAKAAN ID without saving their numbers to be able to share your location and to save your privacy. It will disappear from his device and won’t be even linked to you again.

About Us

We started this concept from a problem that most of us faces in a daily basis, where every delivery company ask for your location to be able to deliver your items whether it is a grocery or a food delivery or a shipment, with us you will not need to save any number to be able to share your location, with a click of a button you will be able to share your location with an ID which will be disappeared immediately after 15minutes, then you will be able to extend or to completely stop sharing.

What We Do

How We Works

Download our app and register with us then give us the permission to read your location and we will only use it whenever you ask for an ID to be shared with your location and help others to locate/find you.

Our Priorities

Your privacy is highly considered here and the shared ID will completely disappear once you share it after 15min, you will still be able to extend it for another 15min but after that no one can use the same ID to locate you unless you want to save them in your list.

Quick Sharing

Your location will be a combination of codes that will be easier to share and you won’t need to give your number nor save any contact to be able to share your saved or live locations.

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